The Reality Of Climate Change
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Walt In Seattle
2018-05-16 19:44:41 UTC
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I began this discussion topic in July of 2017 and did so to address the realities of Anthropogenic Climate Change. But one area I've not yet addressed with much substance is the notion we might not survive ACC.

Scientifically, it's not easy to accurately determine the extent to which human extinction is a significant possible outcome if ACC progresses as has been predicted in the absence of strong efforts to mitigate. However, there are no guarantees for survival in the longer term of the next 200 years either. Even so, I contend that, if we don't make an effort, we're toast! Take that statement however you will.

Here, the "you can lead a horse to water" axiom comes to mind. Americans have been exposed to a LOT of information about climate change. What they do with it is, of course, up to them. And so shall it be. Over time, we'll see if Americans attempt to dig their own graves.

With this post, I'm done. My part is finished. I wish you all well.